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and they HATED me.
08 January 2006 @ 12:17 pm
Leave it up to one of my friends to keep me away from Livejournal. I have come to the conclusion that she is evil and there is no help for her. And now she's going to kill me for writing that. Nooo.

Seriously, though. We've had a storyline since the beginning of October that's still going on. I think it's lost its original point by now, but. Er. It's still dramatically fun? Fullmetal Alchemist. Tons of drama opportunities, even if I hate to throw those things on my characters at times. I play... The list is very, very long. You think you can truly have a long lasting FMA rp without including the other characters? HAH! That is amusing. I alone play Roy, Al, Riza, Havoc, Hughes, the Gay Trio (as we so affectionately call Fuery my mind likes to go on to other topics before I'm done typing, woo typos!, Farman, and Breda), Alfons (don't ask how we worked it out), Lust, Sloth, and Hohenheim. I wouldn't give it up for anything, though. It's so fun to give all the characters different personalities and to have to switch to a few different ones in one single scene. I think I play Hughes and Alfons the best. Hmm.

I don't know what I'll do once that storyline is over.

I made a friend this past week that is into FMA and yaoi and all of those great things that I never thought I'd have a friend who likes them in real life. I'm still a little shocked over it. One minute she was pointing out my FMA sweater and the next we were exchanging numbers. I went to her house on Thursday, where we just watched AMVs, looked at pictures, and acted like the total geeks we are. I can't wait until conventions this summer, I'm so dragging her along. Oh! And the Ren Fest! There's a chance I may apply to work there. I'm not entirely sure as of yet. She works there and, well, it will be an extra boost to get my ass in gear and have a first job that I'll actually probably adore. Next to the OMFGHELLISH temperatures.

Okay, need to delete a bunch of the movie icons I made and upload the ones I made that are in, dare I say, COLOR. Mmm, torrents. I don't know what I'd do without mininova.org or whatever it is. I wouldn't be a crazy anime fan today.

On that note, to make a new layout, or not to make a new layout? I've seen all these pretty things around, including things like the_lj_reboot and I'm very intrigued. My muses seem to be giving me ideas by the moment, each which I forget. There's a chance I'll browse around a little and then try something out. There's a scene (though rather depressing) in the second FMA manga that would make a nice layout. Even if it would be instant emo to any one who visits my journal directly. Hmm.

Enough rambling! I need to write more.
and they HATED me.
13 December 2005 @ 09:04 pm
Ew. Exam week. The feeling of procrastination is a lovely one, isn't it? I'm sitting here, waiting until the very last moment to study for my world religions exam that comes first thing tomorrow morning. The lovely auricle is also supposed to be there as well, so I can bother her when we aren't being the lazy things we are and sleeping. I need to study for my AP Lit exam after that one, so... Not much sleeping for me. Woe.

MY BIRTHDAY. SATURDAY. I'm going to see Harry Potter and King Kong. My mom is teh awesome. And and and I'm getting the money to buy a costume commission for Roy Mustang's uniform. Of course, it might be altered in the future because of certain 1st and 2nd Lieutenants. Heck yes. I'm going to be eighteeen. Not that it's a big deal or anything. Kind of. Maybe.

I can get a better job, that's for sure. I'll see. I need one somewhat badly in the next couple months. There's an issue of raising the money to bring my friend over from Belgium and money for conventions, so. Urgh. Fun stuff.

Have pictures!

Christmas tree pics, omg?Collapse )

PS: adesso, I love you to bits and pieces. Feel betteeeer. We must do something over break! MUST! Last time was so much fun. Plus, omg FMA and FMA movie!
and they HATED me.
13 November 2005 @ 03:11 pm
Oh, heck yes. My parents went to Sam's Club today and bought a lot of good food (MUFFINS). However, they bought something that particularly makes me happy.

Omg cellphooone.Collapse )

I've named him Edward (small, much?). Woo! It's a camera/video phone and you can also listen to the radio on it! o.o How cool is that? Eventually I'll give out my number, especially to people like Michelle and Danni (who I need to talk to >:[). So. YAY. It's so pretty. The Edward!cellphone to my Alphonse!iPod.

Now to go back to worrying about school projects.
music: um. my edward singing over skype.
and they HATED me.
12 November 2005 @ 12:40 pm
Dear Immune System,


Sick yet again,

I hate being sick. My throat hurts so badly I can barely swallow. My mother made me warm tea this morning, but, nngh. It did the job only for a short time.

I have a lot of things to work on. Okay, maybe they really aren't a lot. They all just seem to have many parts. I want to scream, seriously. Who decided it was a good idea to make the notecard project be due the day before the photo essay?! I DO NOT UNDESTAND THIS LOGIC! This is not good for procrastinators such as myself. This week =/= fun. I also have a Medal of Honor recipient paper to work on. And a story for extra credit for Law Studies (over Veteran's Day. I could write a reflection over Saving Private Ryan, but... Actually, I'm not sure. I heard the perfect quote from the movie to write on. Now I'm torn). Hi, rambling to myself.

I want a better quality of the FMA movie now kthnx. Icons are cool. It's hard to make icons out of what I've got. Oh well, beggars certainly can't be choosers. Woe. It should not be so hard to find pictures of Alphonse H. Not fair.

Okay. Need to make header. Like now.
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and they HATED me.
08 November 2005 @ 08:33 pm
I haven't updated in forever. For this, I am terribly sorry. The past week hasn't been interesting in the least bit. I sit around, talk to my Edward on Skype for hours, and roleplay. MY LIFE. Oh yeah, school is thrown in there, as well.

I did see the Fullmetal Alchemist movie finally. Can my love for it be put down in words? Not at all. Not at all. It might have just been Alphonse and Al, though. I don't know how I'll manage to wait for a better quality version.

Oh, oh, oh. And if I could sing or play any instruments except the violin, I'd so make a band called Havoc and the Gay Trio. >:]

I need to find people to friend and, more importantly, work up the guts to actually ask for them to friend me. I've seemed to have lost the knack I once had. Woe is me. It's not even as if I write all that much fic anymore, or make icons or layouts and what have you... I am lazy.

There goes my attention span, I found three dollars in my desk! Huzzah.

Things to do:
- Make Al icons. And Alphonse icons. NOW.
- Come up with more ideas for roleplay, yay?
- A layout would be awesome (finish what you started).
- Organize and decorate your folder for once, ye lazy wench.
- Watch the anime you downloaded. Yeah. Fruits Basket, Witch Hunter Robin, and Hellsing. DO IT.
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and they HATED me.
02 November 2005 @ 09:54 pm
Oh my God, fandom, how you corrupt me. Every time I listen to "Popular" from the musical Wicked, I now imagine Hughes singing it to Roy when he promises to help him one day become Fuhrer.


Only slightly disturbing.

Ugh life is such a tedious thing to experience. Lame thing to say, buuuut. I'm so tired and was lectured tonight AND! At least I had good food at this random Chinese restaurant thing? Yeah. I didn't get to roleplay as much as I wanted to (shh, it's fun to play human Al).

It needs to be this summer. Liek. Now. I'm tired of waiting. I think I've definitely narrowed my cosplay choices down. Roy and movie!Al. Both guys! How surprising of me. I need to get a job asap so I can commission costumes or something equally as dandy, for I haven't sewed a stitch in my life and I'd hate to botch my first attempts. Sob. I know I need to live through it, but, uh... No. Hah.

For AP Lit we were assigned to photograph and write a ... photo essay. Easy enough, right? A lot of my friends seem to find it beyond cool that I chose to photograph things that deal with fandom and how it affects people. If it weren't due Nov. 18, I would have been able to take a camera to photograph people at the GoF premiere and then when I saw adesso probably near Thanksgiving I could have talked her into helping me with the anime aspect of it. Um. HI DANNI! :D Oh well. I'll have pictures of my room (which reminds me that I need to seriously fill the missing spot to my right), probably pull some friends of the mall to take pictures of things like the manga section of the book store, um... And various other things. One friend mentioned perhaps using cosplay. Woe, I do not have any costumes. Um, it would have been cool to use the pictures from Halloween. I sort of wish I would have taken pictures of the pinkness of my face after I washed all the blood off, to show... You know, what I'll go through to be a character. Yay for fandom?

My entries never make any sense when I'm this tired.
and they HATED me.
01 November 2005 @ 09:10 am
From the time I saw the peephole haunting in the game, I knew it. There was my Halloween costume. I had known that I awnted to be something from the Silent Hill series, but Pyramid Head was too difficult and people like James, Maria, and Heather weren't really scary if you didn't know their story. Okay, Heather's not scary at all, unless you consider the OMGTEENAGER bit of it. Ahem. Anyway, my mother agreed a few months ago on this costume, which made me ecstatic.

Last night, of course, it came true. The 21121 version of Henry Townshend, as worn uncomfortably by me.

You're it, Henry. Last of the 21 Sacraments.Collapse )
and they HATED me.
31 October 2005 @ 05:57 pm
Covered in blood? Check.

Uncomfortable because of said blood? Check.

The camera is being used as part of our haunted house, so I won't have all that many pictures. I promise you, however, that I will have them. I've had everyone said I was scary so far. SCARY! See, mother, Henry Townshend in his 21121 state is scary. My dad was like, "that's scary! Where's it from?!" I've had to explain it about a million times. I hope there's at least one Silent Hill fan that recognizes it. D:

Um. We're actually using music from Silent Hill in the haunted trail, specifically Silent Hill 2. Awesome. I'm so glad for some reason.

Now I must run and be more uncomfortable.
and they HATED me.
30 October 2005 @ 04:30 pm
Instead of doing something, you know, productive schoolwise, I've done nothing really but make icons. Quote icons are too much fun. They're simple yet so complex. All the different sizes, different decorations. All of those are from Fullmetal Alchemist, both the show and the manga. Predominantly episode 13 or the Military Festival side-story. Woo.

Halloween is so cloooose.

Off to go and do nothing until it's time to go to bed. D:
and they HATED me.
29 October 2005 @ 12:19 am
Things to do:

- Work on userinfo.
- Make icons. Upload icons. Actually keyword icons.
- Uh. Sleep?
- Watch the numerous ghost shows that will probably come on this weekend.
- Make sure costume is ready for Monday.
- Work on website for school.
- Roleplay.
- Make a nice layout for this journal.

Yep. My weekend plans. Of course, that has to all be squeezed into the massive amount of work that will be going on for the haunted whatsitsname that we're doing for Halloween night. Tomorrow we're putting together candy baggies, carving pumpkins, all that jazz. On Sunday a bunch of people are coming over to help us set up the bare bones of the operation. Monday my parents are actually staying home to complete the job. God, I have such cool parents sometimes.

I feel so lazy. No wonder I'm the Roy Mustang to my Edward. Lazylazylazy.

I like recording myself reading things, even if I'm not very good at it. It's fun! I need to practice talking different for characters and such. Whee. I have no life.

Sooo, bayliss, my lovely big sister, bought me a paid account. Hence all the layout talk and what not. I AM FOREVER ENDOWED OMG. She is so great.

And auricle? That essay? AWFUL. A-W-F-U-L. I swear, I rambled the entire time. Ugh, that was a pointless essay. OH, DICTION OMG. DETAIIILS! I did bad. It was so awful I couldn't focus, and... Yeah. It ended up awful. We'll see what happens. I'll probably end up getting yet another seven.

Okay, I need to stop the random blatherings and force myself to do something constructive. I really need more friends into anime... I NEED TO STOP USING THE SAD AL ICON. Too bad he looks sad most of the time in his human form except... :[